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Officials say testing kits in Madison County are sufficient for now

With 15 drive thru testing sites open over the weekend Governor Lee hopes this can give him a look at how widespread covid-19 is in the state.

Regional Director for the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department, Kim Tedford, says that they had enough tests to fulfill their part in the Governor's decision.

“We are fulfilling our mission. Our mission was to get as many people tested across the state as possible in the next three weekends", says Tedford.

Over one thousand people came through the Jackson Fairgrounds Saturday and Sunday to be tested for coronavirus.

Some came because they were just curious...

“I just wondered if i was exposed and wanted to check. I don’t feel bad at all", says jackson resident, Jerry Priddy.

And others felt they had to…

Jimbo webb

Jackson resident, Jimbo Webb says, “I’ve heard that it's important that Governor Lee have more numbers, that more people get tested. And so I thought it was our civic duty to come down.”

West Tennessee Healthcare officials say they have a good amount of testing kits right now and they also recently received reagents for in house testing.

Officials at the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department say people can plan for their results to come back in at least 5 days… in Jackson, for 39 News I’m Imani Williams.

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