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City of Jackson Mayor Scott Conger releases plan to reopen economy

New unemployment claims and positive covid-19 cases are still on the rise… but leaders are saying they have to figure out a way to re open the economy.

Mayor Scott Conger released a multi phase plan to re-open the economy here in Jackson.

Officials in the mayor's office say the only way this plan can work is if residents follow recommendations given.

“This plan that we have come up with, we have been working on it for a couple of weeks. And it’s not going to start unless we continue to do what we need to do", say city official, Alex Reed.

The plan outlines what it takes for particular businesses to re open and what guidelines they will have to follow once they do.

Right now we are in the measures step working towards ‘reopen phase one’.

Reed adds, “we hope to progress to the next step and that is going to ease our restrictions on the shelter at home and more encourage people to stay at home we are going to reopen restaurants and retail spaces with a 50 percent capacity with social distancing guidelines."

With Jackson being a hub for many surrounding counties and cities Conger says it is important that both him and county Mayor Jimmy Harris work with neighboring mayors to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“We all want to be on a consistent basis on how we are restarting our economy so we are consistent and prevent those things from happening", says Conger.

Conger and his office will reevaluate this plan after April 30th which is the date Governor Bill Lee’s 'Safer At Home' order expires. In Jackson, for 39 News. I’m Imani Williams.

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