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Security officers see a rise in requests to secure properties

Many brick and mortar stores have closed to help slow the spread of COVID-19

And a number of those businesses have hired security companies to watch their store while closed.

“When people pick up and leave and close their business down there is nobody left behind, it has to checked. Not only for criminal activity but for fire watch", says President of Maxx Guard Incorporated, Frankie Lax.

Maxx guard incorporated is a locally owned security business that has been in the Hub City for over 40 years.

As more and more businesses close they have had more calls to help in watching and securing properties, but for more than just theft.

Lax says, “we’ve had a lot of businesses and factories that have shut down and they have to have someone to watch their facility for fire, vandalism, theft, looting.”

Lax says anytime a crisis or disaster happens they see an influx of security requests.

But Lax says this is something they prepare for regularly.

“Yes, we are prepared, this is what we prepare for in the security business. But this situation is totally different", adds Lax.

Maxx Guard is currently has many security officer job openings for more information contact their main office. In Jackson for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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