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Madison County jail releasing inmates to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Law enforcement officials right here in madison county are taking precautions to flatten the curve, starting with the Madison County Jail.

The Madison County Jail also known as the Criminal Justice Complex has housed more than 500 inmates at a time in the past.

But the bed capacity is only 303.

Officers, judges, and the District Attorney are working to bring that number down to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Law enforcement are only bringing people to jail that the charge requires it. If they can be cited they are not brought to jail. They are cited in the court", says Madison County Mayor Jimmy Harris.

Last Thursday there were 472 inmates at the Madison County Jail now they only have 376.

They have released almost 100 inmates with non violent offenses to make sure they reach the max bed capacity.

Harris adds, “Reviewed the cases of people who are incarcerated now to see if they could be let out. They have let out several people and they continue to work on that.”

Harris says no one within the county jail has been tested for COVID-19 to his knowledge but, they are making sure inmates and employees are healthy when they come in the facility.

Mayor Harris says these numbers will continue to change day by day and he will keep us updated. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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