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Local church hosts drive in service during COVID-19 pandemic

Many churches across Tennessee had to close their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but one local church decided to something a little different.

Churches closed their doors one by one as the coronavirus spread.

“And then thursday morning scott sends me a text and he says, hey let’s do drive in church", says preaching minister, Chad Ezelle.

Some moved to streaming and others...

Moved to their cars.

Ezelle adds, “it’s a pretty easy way to get people together and still separate and people get to see each other.”

Ministers at Main Street Church of Christ in Milan, Tennessee wanted to give their congregation a way to still worship while also social distancing.

So they invited their members to an empty lot.

“You know everything else is shutting down and this is something that we can still do. We can still do it safely, we can still do it responsibly", says family life minister, Scott Wilson.

People in the congregation waved, sang, and followed along in their bibles right from their car.

“The assembling is what makes us church family, it’s what brings us all together, it’s what gets us through the week", adds Wilson.

The ministers say it put a smile on their face to see their church family.

In Milan for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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