All parks in the city of Jackson are closed

The number of coronavirus cases here in Madison County, nearly doubled over the weekend and city of jackson mayor, scott conger, says he needs everyone to take this serious.

“We’ve seen from 4 cases in 2 days. That’s almost double. It’s only going to get bigger. If we say it’s not we are fooling ourselves. It’s time to stay home, it’s time to social distance", says Jackson City Mayor, Scott Conger.

Madison County has more than 6 confirmed coronavirus cases.

3 new cases were confirmed this morning by private labs.

“I suspect that we are going to see more and more cases here in madison county and suspect that the hospital will see more hospitalized patients that are positive", says West Tennessee Healthcare communications officer, Amy Garner.

City of Jackson Mayor Scott Conger says that after a number of complaints of people not following the social distancing guidelines over the weekend he needed to put new measures in place.

“All the parks in Jackson are closed, because social distancing was not being practiced. People were going out and enjoying the sunshine, which I encourage, but do it in your back yard or your front yard or your driveway", adds Conger.

Now if you are caught at the closed parks you could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor and up to a 500 dollar fine.

Now a quick reminder, here in the City of Jackson, we are under a safer at home order. Which means that if you are not going to an essential business you are safer at home. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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