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Weakley County community comes together

Officials within Weakley County government offices and the school system brainstormed ideas to help health care providers and those in need in their community.

They wanted to create a group of volunteers, but they did not know how to get all the volunteers in one place.

“A website or a page or some type of disbursement of these volunteers, so we said absolutely social media is our thing so we said let’s start a facebook group", says Weakley County young professionals president, Whitney Stover.

The Weakley County COVID-19 task force group on Facebook has nearly 700 members that talk daily about gathering supplies to take where needed.

Stover adds, “we don’t know how coronavirus is going to impact our small rural community, we won’t be able to have access to all the supplies and all the rebuilding that some of these larger towns are going to have access to, so we have to look out for each other.”

While the task force is gathering items a few University of Tennessee at Martin students and staff are also making sure they are using their resources to help.

“It was a little daunting i would have to say, we have been printing for a while, but we never printed anything to this scale so it’s been a learning curve to be able to produce this much this quickly", says media services student worker, Jordan Bell.

Media services at UT Martin is making 3-D bands to go on face shields that will go to people in the healthcare field.

Their goal is make at least 1,000 bands.

In Martin for 39 News I’m Imani Williams.

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