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Jackson's covid-19 drive through testing

I am here at the covid-19 drive through testing and what we know so far is that we have seen roughly 10 to 15 cars come through. We are not sure about how many have been tested but we do know people are showing up. Here is the latest updates and friendly reminders.

The Jackson-Madison County officials are doing everything possible to keep the community updated on the latest numbers effected by the coronavirus. As of now Madison County still only has two confirmed positive patients and one is recovering well said Kim Tedford, Regional Director of the Jackson Madison Health Department.

We asked how long this site will be available to the public.

“At this point we don’t know we will assess I’m guessing between 2 and 3 to see how many people have come through the testing process, how many tests we have left, and we will decide at that point. So, it’s a day to day decision," said Kim Tedford, Regional Director of the Jackson Madison Health Department.

Frequently asked questions from the general public was if there will be a charge to take the covid-19 test.

“Absolutely not, we are asking you if you have insurance to bring your insurance card so the lab can bill your insurance. There will be no balance billing meaning if it doesn’t cover the entire amount there is no responsibility back to the patient and second if you don’t have insurance no problem you will not receive a bill for the test," said Kim Tedford.

We asked if a patient did test positive what will be the next step.

Kim Tedford, says, “that’s when public health comes into play and my staff will be notifying that person and doing what we’ve said several times about the contact tracing, identifying who they have been exposed to and that kind of thing.”

It will take 5-7 days for the patients to receive their final test results.

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