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Area Relief Ministries continues to provide for the homeless community amid Covid-19

Jackson has many programs, non-profit organizations and businesses dedicated to serving its community I stopped by one in particular to see what they are doing to continue to serve during this covid-19 epidemic.

Area Relief Ministries is a program dedicated to serving the community of Jackson Tennessee. They provide shelter, food and everyday necessities to the homeless. Organizer says the streets of Jackson just cannot go without their service. During this scary and uncertain time, it has left them in unfortunate situations. The program coordinator gives insight on their new structure since the abruption of covid-19.

Area Relief Ministries Program director, Gary Ross says, “there for we have to change the way room and in operates and we’ve been fortunate that first united Methodist church has given us a building so that we can house the homeless men we serve, but then again we have to be limited on the amount of people we serve and so it’s been a big change.”

Ross says they now must wear protective garment and perform screenings on each individual they serve and that has been difficult to do so.

“That is different for us because now we have to separate them, and we have to find a place for them to be otherwise they will be on the streets," said Ross.

With over 300 hundred homeless in the city of Jackson, that population are now becoming concerned as well. He shares some of their questions and concerns.

“Many of them are concerned about it, they don’t know if they have it, if they get it what they can do to go to the hospital because many of them don’t have the insurance that some of us can afford, so it’s a great concern of theirs," said Ross.

Ross shares what they are doing to education the population they serve, “Each night we are having conversations with them to let them know everything that we’ve learned about the spread of the covid virus. What they can do to protect themselves and again we are trying to partner with city officials to find out what that’s going to look like if they do contract the virus.”

Area Relief Ministries says they are simply asking the community for prayer at this time and if you could provide any personal protective equipment it would be greatly appreciated.

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