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Physician Quality Care continues to see all patients amid Covid-19

“Even though the Covid-19 virus is what’s on everybody’s mind Chronic medical problems, other illnesses, accidents, workers-comp these things still go on," said Jimmy Hoppins.

Physicians Quality care is adjusting their entrance policies in hopes to better serve patients needs. In its main primary care entrance, they have implemented screenings to detect how to serve their patients.

“Some of the questions we asked folks are have you been out of the country for 13-30 days, also have they had persistent dry cough, have they had body aches, high fever and things of that nature," said Physicians Quality Care, Gary Pickens.

Once the screening is performed, they provide 3 different segregated areas depending on your screening. In the Main urgent care clinic, they are seeing patients with non-respiratory illnesses and injuries.

“If you have a stomachache or sinus problems or a kid with an earache. You twisted your ankle, broke your leg. Those things, things that are not respiratory and not potentially contagious," said Hoppins.

The next entrances available is primary care and occupational medicine.

Jimmy Hoppers, says "Those people are treating high blood pressure, diabetes, noninfectious disease. Anybody in that building is free to walk in and that’s an infection free as best you can in the real world an infection free zone.”

The final entrance is solely dedicated to the coronavirus. Anyone with respiratory symptoms, shortness of breath, cough, fever, or direct exposure is isolated. CEO Jimmy Hoppers says those patients will not come in contact with well patients or any other patient in the clinic.

“We have completely different personnel they don’t go back and forth. We ask that you call us from your car, we will bring you in through that separate door, one at a time, you don’t stop in a waiting room, you don’t check in, you go from there straight to the exam room, when you leave the exam room you come straight out and back to your car," said Jimmy Hoppers.

Hoppers expressed words of encouragement to the community, "where not going to be the investigators, we want you to give you protection and let you feel comfortable if you need to see the doctor for whatever reason and you know you trusted us with your health care since 2008, were not about to let you down now!”

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