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Truck company responds to demand of items in grocery stores

Lines at the grocery stores are growing and shelves are empty.

But how are trucking companies keeping up with the demand?

Milan Supply Chain Solutions said they are doing what they can to help.

“So, what we are doing is working with all our food and beverage shippers to make sure we are able to give them as much capacity as possible, we are running some lanes that we currently would not do", says Senior Vice President of Milan Supply Chain Solutions, David Dallas.

The company works with a number of businesses to get their products from the warehouse to shelves in store.

Kellogg is one company they are working with to make sure cereal and snacks make it to Walmart and Kroger.

The Senior Vice President, David Dallas, says they have worked with the truck drivers to ensure safe travel, but also delivering truck loads on time.

“We have worked with the drivers to make sure they are getting the adequate sleep. Making sure they are being safe. Make sure they are taking precautions to make sure that they will be able to continue to serve and be able to deliver the goods on time", says Dallas.

Dallas also thanked all the drivers that have worked through this pandemic.

In Jackson, for 39 News I’m Imani Williams.

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