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College students speak out about education changes

Businesses are closing, some asking their employees to work from home. Students in grade school and colleges and universities are also seeing some changes in the way they finish off the semester.

Last week a number of colleges and universities said they would finish the spring semester online.

Some students are saying that online classes are just not for them.

“I like hands on, I'm better with hands on, so going online is going to be hard", says Lane College student, Kiana Rouse.

Lane College was one of the many schools that decided to move to remote education after spring break, but one of the few that gave students the option to stay on campus to finish the semester.

Rouse adds, “Nobody has the means to just the means to get up and go like that, so I really appreciate lane for doing that.”

Although Lane has not announced whether or not they will cancel their graduation ceremony, students at Lane are nervous because other schools have already canceled.

“I would feel sad because graduation is such a big day for everyone and like I said being here for 4 years you go through so much, so that one day is like a weight lifted off your shoulders", says Rouse.

“It’s a big achievement for me, but now it’s like they are actually taking away the one thing I worked my hardest for", says Lane College student, Brandon Brown.

But one students says he knows that lane will do what is best for everyone.

“I think the campus will do whatever is best for the campus to do, Dr. Hampton will do whatever he has to do to protect and that’s what he always does, he protects us", adds Brown.

Other students I spoke with are anxious to see what the next plans are in their education. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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