Local WIC Center introduces social distance option due to Covid-19

Jackson’s Women, Infant and Children Center better known as WIC is now offering their participants the opportunity to call in instead of having to physically be in the office for their appointments.

Jackson Madison County Public information officer, Mallory Cooke, said “This is something we have done in response to covid-19 outbreak that we are having here in the united states. We want to protect our participants; we want to protect our employees and CDC is recommending social distancing.”

We asked Cooke to breakdown exactly how this process would work.

“Their going to be able to make an appointment, our nutritionist are going to call them back they’re actually going to get the same counseling that they would get here over the phone. So their going to be able to get the same information, they are going to be able to get their benefits electronically. So they will be able to get the same services just not in person," said Mallory Cooke.

Cooke says the phone lines are open for anyone needing assistance during this time. Cooke shares a few items available through this resource.

Cooke says, “Our WIC participants are available to get a variety of things at the store. They can get everything from milk, to eggs, cheese peanut butter. There are a lot of different items you can go to the WIC website to see some more of those items.”

For those in the community with no access to telephones. WIC says they are still available to you!

“They can still come for their regular WIC appointment were still going to see them here and were also still providing immunizations services. So if someone comes in here and their child isn’t up to date on their vaccines, they will still be able to get those vaccines," said Mallory Cooke

Wic says they still have their online options in place as well.

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