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Local business Chandelier Cafe Offers A new service Admid Covid-19

Restaurants across the states are doing everything to adapt to the new norm due to the coronavirus. Local restaurant Chandelier begins their week today and says they have thought long and hard on how to approach business going forward.

“Were going to have a lot of new policies that we haven’t had in the past," said Executive chef and manager, Jennifer Dickerson.

Dickerson stressed the importance of social distancing and how they will implement this practice in their business.

“Were going to be doing very limited seating in the dining room were going to adhere to the 6-10 feet apart all tables will be spread out and I’m going to limit the amount of customers at one time,"said Jennifer Dickerson.

Dickerson says they have adjusted their business model to meet the needs of the community and serving the customers in ways they need to be served. They have introduced their new family curbside service.

Jennifer Dickerson, says “something we’ve never done before which is family type meals, which I think the community really needs at this time, you drive up a fully prepared meal with extremely extended sanitary conditions straight to them."

Dickerson says with this new service they are limiting contact and she believes will be the primary source of their revenue and business going forward.

Assistant Manager, Dave Flashner, "these times have forced a lot of different restaurants to do a lot of different things you know out of their normal business model and we all just have to try as a community to just try to make this thing work until it passes and hopefully it will very soon.”

One employee shares the support he has felt from management during this time.

“Dave and Jennifer and everyone on management is trying their best to make sure that none of us here at Chandelier lose any work hours," said Austin Maddox.

Management says these new changes will begin full force tomorrow.

Visit their website for the latest updates

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