Mayor Scott Conger issues State of Emergency

Jackson city Mayor Scott Conger has declared a State of Emergency, but what does this mean for the city?

Jackson has the nick name of the Hub City, because more than 500,000 people travel in and out of the city daily.

This is why Mayor Scott Conger declared a State of Emergency.

Conger says, “Therefore, I Scott Conger, Mayor of the city of Jackson, Tennessee by virtue of executive and administrative authority vested in me by the charter of the city of Jackson and laws of the state of Tennessee do by hereby, declare a State of Emergency.”

Conger says this measure is precautionary to prevent the spread of the virus in Jackson and to also allow the city to receive federal funding if a case is confirmed here.

"Nothing for the average citizen, this is strictly for us to be able to be prepared to have access to those federal dollars when we need them, to prevent the act of price gauging and to streamline government", adds Conger.

All city hosted events have been cancelled and postponed for the next thirty days.

Conger says the city is not at the stage to tell restaurants, bars, and public events to cancel or limit the amount of people in their venue, but he does urge them to consider the center for disease control and preventions fifty plus recommendation.

"There may come a time where we will limit those events, but right now we are leaving that decision up to those who are operating the events", says Conger.

Conger urges all Jackson residents to continue washing their hands and practice social distancing if they can. In downtown Jackson, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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