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Local businesses see effects of COVID-19

A number of big retailers are closing their doors because of the coronavirus outbreak, but local businesses here in Jackson are saying they just can’t do that.

The call for social distancing and asking for people not to meet in groups more than under a dozen have affected the foot traffic in local stores.

“Especially during this time, the local economy has definitely taken a hit you know all across the world I mean the country, but especially here in jackson", says Mam'selle owner, Emily Hathcock.

Local businesses are seeing less and less people each day as the number of confirmed cases grow…

But they still want to serve their customers, whether it's in the store or

“We are going to be facetiming customers if they’d like and they can pick out whatever gifts they want. We’ll be happy to wrap it and deliver it for free", says Parker House manager, Nancy Eubanks.

Mam’selle and Parker House are just two of the many small businesses in Jackson that have set up facetime shopping, online shopping, or even curbside pick up.

But they are also making sure their stores are clean for customers who come in.

Manger at Mam'selle, Kristy Longs, says,“disinfecting and wiping down, yes using clorox, we laugh but it is so true.”

“Wiping down everything, the door knobs, the keyboards, the phone, everything", says Eubanks.

And they want the community to know that they need their support.

Eubanks adds, “to support the community. We want to stay open for the community and we need the community’s support and we are here for them.”

Many local businesses said they are trying hard to keep their doors open. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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