How local funeral homes are coping with Covid-19

What was once normal to do during funerals has now become a health hazard.

The National Funeral Association of Directors and CDC held a webinar yesterday for all funeral directors. Jackson’s owner of Arrington Funeral Directors and Crematory gave us insight on guidelines they discussed regarding the coronavirus.

“One how we handle it internally, that’s staff to staff, how we handle it from staff to community and how we are handling it actually taking care of those deceased that do die from the coronavirus," said Bob Arrington.

Arrington says he is being very cooperative with his staff and making sure they are doing everything to keep a clean space for the families they serve.

“We’re looking at days we are not extremely busy that we do send our staff home and into so called quarantine," said Bob Arrington.

Arrington discussed some things they were doing internally to help with social distancing.

“Looking to do things more privately and not having public visitations or public funerals. We have in our chapel individual chairs, so we have taken out every other chair to again have that social distancing," said Bob Arrington.

Arrington talked about alternatives only his funeral home is offering locally so far.

Bob Arrington said, “With the limited access that the public is going to having to funerals services we do webcast all of our funerals. We are one of the very few even in the southeast region that does that.”

Arrington funeral home says they will continue to practice social distancing to maintain a clean environment.

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