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West TN host Crisis Management for School-Based Incident class

West Tennessee hosted an informative class for local school systems and officials on Crisis Management and how to move forward from Covid-19.

Today the West Tennessee Regional Training Center gathered, teachers, principals, first responders and local law enforcement for An 8 hour class at the Madison County Sheriff's Office. This class theme was on Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents.

Covid-19 has shut down over twenty schools across Tennessee leaving the question, how will we move forward.

“So we talked about having a contingency plan, how will you continue that learning if you have to close your schools down," said class instructor Mike Webber.

Webber mentioned e-learning being one of the plans schools may implement. He shared how they were pressing thorough communication for all.

“I think its real important that we stay in contact with all our stake holders’ parents, children. We need to keep them informed on what’s going on in the schools," said Mike Webber.

Ami Croom, says today's class not only prepared the city for handling corona, bur other possible scenarios.

“This training has been really great; it has taught us how to be prepared for whatever may come our way and now that we face with this coronavirus. It helped us come up with plans and actions and how to recover from it," said Ami Croom.

Croom said they stressed the importance of not scaring students when educating them on the coronavirus but informing them in a gentle way.

“Its just like any other cold but this is one that we have to take more precaution with just being extra clean and washing and just making sure we don’t touch our friends at the moment and things will turn back normal but right now we just have to take extra precaution," said Ami Croom.

Webber says they are actively working to create learning alternatives for unexpected extension of schools being out.

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