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Jackson's McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport on the Coronavirus

Today I had the opportunity to watch and follow the airports station manager Tay McDaniel as she went through step by step of their cleaning policy.

“ So air choice one is concerned about every passage that we have so we are going into the aircraft every time it lands and were cleaning everything that’s in the air craft were cleaning the seats were cleaning the back of the seats and the brochures,” said Tay McDaniel.

McDaniel was very understanding of the fear that the community may have right now, so she shared with us their flexible policies.

“So if we have any passengers that are concerned with flying during this time of the coronavirus please give us a call we will issue you a full credit to your account and you can use it up to a year and that waves all your cancellation fees,” said Tay McDaniel.

McDaniel shared why she feels air choice one is truly like no other.

“With air choice one being a smaller carrier with only eight passengers, it gives our passengers a less likely hood of contacting the coronavirus when they are out traveling in different airports. We do not travel international so that’s another perk for us,” said Tay McDaniel.

We asked one traveling passenger how her experience was during her flight.

“Immediately when I got on the plane I smelled Lysol which was good and I also carry my own little hand sanitizer and I also had wipes so I didn’t feel restricted or anything or like I had to wear a mask and I got here safely,” said Lashae Singlton.

Will local residents trust the new policies in place…. We wont know but air choice One says they are working tirelessly to make sure your health condition their number one priority.

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