What Jackson is doing to Avoid Coronavirus

Williamson, Davidson, Shelby and Sullivan are the counties in Tennessee now exposed to the coronavirus. Mayor Scott Conger shares what department heads are doing to stay prepared.

“We have our grounds keeper and health and sanitation crews going to all of our public facilities, those facilities that see sometimes 100 visitors a day," said Scott Conger.

Conger assured the community that they are performing deep cleaning and disinfecting of all public facilities behind the surface level cleaning that’s done by the staff.

“We are making sure employers are washing their hands taking the precautionary measures that we should be taking anyway but just remind them to keep it on the forefront," Scott Conger.

We asked him was their anything he wanted to share personally with the community.

“For us as a municipal government we serve the people and our job is to continue to serve the people and make sure were not only minimizing the risk for our employees but for the public and to make sure we’re keeping a high level of service for them," Scott Conger

The latest update of cases of Coronavirus found in Tennessee are as followed. You have eight in Williamson county, six in Davidson county, two in Shelby county, one in Knox and one in Sullivan county.

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