Jackson Transit Authority shares their efforts in keeping buses clean

As the Coronavirus continues to spread, people in the community are being cautious on how they get from one place to the next.

The Jackson Transit Authority serves hundreds of passengers each day.

Some riding the bus multiple times each day and week.

“I probably ride it several times a week", says frequent passenger Tina Goodwin.

Now with the threat of the Coronavirus spreading quickly riders are nervous about the ride once they step on the bus.

Tina goodwin – bus rider

Goodwin adds, "yea, it actually needs to be cleaned really good.”

JTA says they started disinfecting all the buses each night last week to make sure they are safe and clean for passengers each day.

“Daily scrubbing our buses, especially the areas people touch on a regular basis, like the rails and the seats", says Marketing and planning coordinator for JTA, Michelle T. Jackson.

But bus drivers are at the front line of keeping the buses clean throughout the day.

One bus driver says he goes the extra mile to make sure his passengers feel like they are getting on a clean bus.

“So normally what I do before the shift is I always get the clorox wipes and I wipe the steering wheel and wipe the bus off myself", says bus driver Zannie Jones.

And although JTA has taken steps to keep buses clean riders have a few ideas of their own.

“Well if they can clean it, maybe put some hand sanitizer on there for people to use that can’t afford it, maybe they will use it and maybe it will keep down the infections and stuff", says Goodwin.

JTA continues to urge passengers to wash their hands with soap and water. In downtown Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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