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West Tennessee Celebrates "TN Day of Hope"

Today we celebrate Tennessee’s day of hope inspired by our governor Bill Lee. Today we act on being hungry for hope.

Tennessee is celebrating the hope that Tennesseans have for those who are struggling with metal health issues and substance abuse.

“We have a very innovated state and there’s so many things going on at the grassroots level in all of our communities today we are especially celebrating west Tennessee," said community coordinator, Amy Bechtol.

Amy shares why this event was important for West Tennessee.

“it’s interesting a lot of times when we are going through the worst times of our life, we think we are all by ourselves," said Amy Bechtol.

And that Is her message. To share with the community that they are not alone.

Dianne Sherrod, has been through a recovery program and now explains why events like this means the most to her.

“The most important thing we can do is raise awareness and help people understand, I’m a person in long term recovery myself and it was very difficult for me to understand how to get into treatment to be able to find a way to get sober," said Dianne Sherrod.

We asked what was the number one take away they wanted the community to get out of this event.

“ We want everybody to know that grace Is for you, grace is for you, help is here again we’ve been there and done that and we just want to help people meet their potential and to live the lives God has planned for them," said Amy Bechtol.

Organizer say they hope they have an inspired a sense of statewide hopefulness in the face of our states significant challenges.

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