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Local Nursing Home's Are Taking Extra Precaution For Coronavirus

Local Jackson nursing homes are taking extra precautions as they are not allowing any outsiders into their facilities.

We visited over 3 nursing homes in the city, and all were limited on what they could share at this time. So, we stopped by one of Jackson’s well-known caregiver facilities Comfort Keepers.

We asked Owner and CEO Leslee Bibb what they were doing in efforts to conquer the coronavirus.

“We are using the same techniques that we use for cold and flu and other diseases. Specifically, universal precaution. These are the things we are hearing so much about like washing your hands, don’t touch your face," said Leslee Bibb.

She assured us that all of her staff were trained in universal precaution on how to clean and prevent transmission.

She explained that most clients are in a protected space and it’s about what the staff brings into their environment.

“Were the one that bring things into their environment, so we have to be very careful about what we bring in. We always tell our caregivers don’t bring in anymore than you need leave your purse, which is supposedly one of the dirtiest things we have in the car," said Leslee Bibb.

We asked her was their any advice or information that she wanted to share with the community.

“Right now, everybody is in panic mode and its usually not good to panic. we need to take careful measured response to everything, and this is a virus after all, and we know how to prevent the spread of viruses and so that’s what we need to treat this as another virus," said Leslee Bibb.

Comfort Keepers assures the community that they are doing everything to protect their clients In Jackson for 39 News I'm Paige Patton.

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