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First case of Coronavirus confirmed in Tennessee

Governor Bill Lee formed a Tennessee Coronavirus task force earlier this week to help prevent the virus and treat now the first case of the virus. But what exactly is the coronavirus?

Covid – 19 better known as Coronavirus is what biologist are calling a single stranded RNA virus, similar to the influenza.

There are over 70 confirmed cases in the US, including nearly a dozen deaths.

The patient with the first case of the virus in Tennessee lives in Williamson county.

It is a 44 year old male that traveled out of state.

“In fact a certain percentage of people we don’t know how many, do not carry symptoms. So, there might be some asymptomatic carriers", says Jackson State Community College professor, Dr. Nick Ashbaugh."

But what makes this virus different from others we have seen in the past?

Biology professor, Dr. Nick Ashbaugh, says it’s the time the virus stays in your body before symptoms show.

“But it seems to have a little longer incubation time", says Ashbaugh.

So people may be carriers and not know.

Ashbaugh adds, “And so those folks may actually be carriers and spreading the virus to other folks who then develop infections.”

The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department says the easiest way to prevent catching the Coronavirus is simply washing your hands.

Mallory cooke – pio jackson madison county regional health department

“Some things that you can do, wash your hands. Make sure you wash your hands atleast 20 seconds, with both soap and water", says PIO for the Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department, Mallory Cooke.

Governor Bill Lee urges Tennesseans to stay calm and wash hands as much as possible. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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