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10th Annual Alzheimer's Caregiver Conference

Caregivers, doctors, nurses, and members of the community filled the room to support and be educated on Alzheimer’s disease.

Senior Service Manager Regina Smith shares what this two-day conference is all about.

“We want to give them encouragement, we want to give them information and support as their traveling that journey. Its very difficult when you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease," said Ms.Smith

This year’s focus was hands on activities and role playing. Inside of the class they provided a visual home set up to display examples on how to physically handle patients with this disease.

“She’s teaching us how to help in feeding, how to help in bathing, how to help with getting them in and out of the bed, she has a wheelchair on stage," said Ms. Smith.

We asked why she felt this conference was so important.

“When my mother passed away about 12 years ago, I did not have these resources, I didn’t know where to turn, I was scared, I was frightened, it’s a very scary disease.”

Guest speaker Teepa Snow provided step by step visuals and even gave the audience opportunities to act out scenarios.

One shares her take away from the conference.

“Just some of the tips she shared today is just to think about the environment of your home. Think about the importance of certain objects in the home that could potentially be a danger," said Deanna Baldwin.

Well as the 10th annual conference comes to an end organizer say they were overwhelmed with the support from the community and are already gearing up for next year’s conference.

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