One Family Lost Everything in Nashville Tornado

Life’s are taken as a tornado carved a path of destruction in Nashville last night.

39 news Paige Patton shares with us the pain of one family that lost everything.

At 3 this morning a deadly tornado struck the streets of Nashville leaving over 20 ppl dead and some barely making it out alive.

Nashville mourn the loss of local businesses, homes, cars and even family members.

The city is at a complete halt as they all try to find and pick up the remaining pieces.

One resident shares with us how she lost everything.

"I really couldn’t see nothing. I just felt glass cutting me and I made it out of my room…. It was unbelievable you know just unbelievable," said Marsha Brown.

Brown had her daughter and three grandkids in the home as well. The tornado winds were so strong that the kids were locked inside their rooms.

"My daughter was crying because she couldn’t get to her kids so that made it worse because I hate to see my children cry," said Marsha Brown.

We asked how she feels in this moment.

"Numb we don’t have no idea where we will lay our heads tonight and the way this neighborhood is building up around here and everything is skyrocketing and I’m on a fixed income. Rent is out of this roof. I’m thinking where I can find something that my income can cover. I don’t see it, I don’t see it," said Marsha Brown.

The Brown family continues salvage everything that they could at least get out of their home in Nashville.

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