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Gibson County Schools Receive A 15k Donation

Over fourteen-thousand dollars was donated to the schools in Gibson county to eliminate debt owed by the parents in their city.

This was a big deal for them because their school didn’t offer free lunch.

“This person called and asked is there an outstanding debt at Milan elementary school and found out that it was. They decided I think I can do more. So they called some of the other schools in the system to see if maybe they have an outstanding lunch debt," said Martha Brasher.

This donation was not only for lunch debt but also library books, field trip cost and all outstanding balances.

One parent expressed how this donation not only assisted elementary aged students but also middle and high school students.

“Some of them are working trying to provide for themselves and knowing that they don’t have to worry about their school debt, they don’t have to worry about transcripts being withheld because of school debt and school lunch debt. I think this is just a blessing for all students across the district," said Misti Dudley.

“It helps me as a teacher because I can communicate to them that people care about you. Their things going on in your life that you can’t control. You cant pay for your lunches but someone is going to pay for it. Someone is going to take care of it. Its going to be done," said Martha Brasher.

One parents expresses her gratitude for the donation.

“This makes me feel very relief to know no that no matter what circumstances come my way; my child is going to be fed at school," said Misti Dudley

This school says they are very excited and appreciative.

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