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City of Jackson Youth Council sworn in by Mayor Conger

Jackson has a new council, but this one is a little different. Because each member is under the age of 18 and still in high school. But ready to give the youth of the hub city a voice.

“I think it is a big deal to have this responsibility and i think it will be a great opportunity", says Youth Council member, Jasmine Cintron.

Today nine high school juniors were sworn in by mayor Scott Conger as they start their journey as a youth council.

Conger has worked to start this council since he became mayor...

And now that they are sworn in, they hope to fill in the gap between youth and adults.

Youth council member, Maya Bridgeman, says, “I'm excited to talk about what my students want be able to be a bridge between the mayor and my students.”

Each member represents one school in Jackson and Madison County.

Students at each school can share their concerns and ideas with their youth council member and then they will take it to their monthly meeting.

“and I always just wanted to put voices for my community, my students. And I thought it was a really cool opportunity", adds Bridgeman.

Each member of the youth council has reasons they wanted to join, but most want to help those whose voices are not usually heard.

“I feel like there is a lot of children in this community that go unseen that might not have as many of the resources that other people in this community do", says Cintron.

The youth council said they are ready to start working. In downtown Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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