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Hardin County suffers a landslide

I'm not on Glendale Road, i'm under it. And unfortunately this isn’t the only disaster that happened here in Hardin County this weekend.

A landslide started in Savannah on Saturday after the Tennessee River crested.

About three acres on chalk bluff slid down, taking two homes, a trailer, a jeep, and much more with it.

“So tragic, I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime,” says William Duke.

Both homes were evacuated before they collapsed, but many Hardin County residents are feeling the impact from the landslide.

“I'm a logger we've been coming through here with loaded trucks and we've been having to detour, i'm just glad none of my trucks were coming through here,” says Jimmy Franks.

Hardin County Fire Chief Melvin Martin says this is the largest landslide that they have ever experienced.

Now, they are constantly checking the land and surrounding homes to make sure no one else is affected.

“So we've checked the homes around the area there's none in immediate danger but this area we have had a landslide here before it does happen, it’s a little unusual, but this area is prone to it,” says Chief Martin.

Residents are encouraged to detour on Marshall Road and Small Road until Glendale is back in one piece.

Chief martin tells us that the street department is currently working with the state to try and figure out what they're going to do with Glendale Road but for now they encourage people to stay away.

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