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Parents and educators are excited about Governor Lee's plan for mental health

Governor bill lee announced the creation of a mental health trust fund for students in Tennessee.

Parents and school districts across the state say it is much needed.

Chief of Student Support and Improvement in the Jackson Madison County School System, Vivian Williams says,"So, i really think that it is needed, and it will definitely help in our school district with our students and the issues that they encounter.”

Jackson Madison County School System is just one of the many school systems who will benefit from the trust fund.

The fund could bring additional resources to help students with their mental health needs.

“So we are excited about that. We feel that the governor is moving the right direction for that, because we have got to address those mental health, those social emotional needs", says Williams.

After the announcement parents that have children with mental health needs crossed their fingers hoping this comes in effect soon.

Parent, Sean Mcpherson, says, "this is such a big deal for us as parents that we want our kids to be physically and mentally well.”

Sean Mcpherson, says there are a lot of resources some parents can not access for their children with needs.

“There are so many services that are out there that are not easily accessible by all the families in the state of tennessee", says Mcpherson.

And he says that this fund could make it easier for all parents to get help for their children.

Mcpherson adds, “so the fact that there will be this trust fund now that levels that playing field and allows for families who may have not other wise been able to access.”

The fund was proposed in the budget, but has not been set in stone just yet. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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