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Mike Bloomberg's campaign visits Jackson TN

America is gearing up for the 2020 presidential election. Mike Bloomberg’s campaign stops here to meet West Tennesseans.

Jackson, Tennessee was fired up as Bloomberg’s campaign graced the city.

Bloomberg is now one among five candidates hoping to win the democratic seat and run against President Donald Trump.

Bloombergs’s national co chair Mayor Steve Benjamin explains why they refer to his campaign as the get it done express.

“We want people to know Mike can get it done. He's not someone who's been in DC decades after decades hes been on the ground building a business, building a great city, and doing the hard work through philanthropy to end gun violence, to end climate change, to really restore America's greatness," says Mayor Steve Benjamin.

A supporter who came all the way from McNairy County explains the importance of coming together in 2020.

“I think he's the person who's going to unite america and heal America and that’s what we need today we don’t need the hate and divisiveness we've had,” says Simms Rhea.

Early voting in Madison County starts tomorrow and lasts until the 25th, make sure to head to the polls and circle in your candidate.

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