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Local flower shops prepare for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is this week and what better way to celebrate than with flowers. Local flower shops share with us what it takes to prepare for what they call their black Friday.

“For most of your retail places black friday is their biggest day, this is the biggest day for a flower shop,” says Sand's Florists Owner Jerri Sue Maxwell.

Sands Florists started preparing for Valentine's Day about a month in advance with the expectation of having more than 500 orders by Friday.

They have ordered thousands of flowers

(jerri sue maxwell) owner, sands florists and gifts

“Sunflowers, we've got tulips, daisies, gerber daisies, we've got it all.”

And they plan to work tirelessly all week long.

“As the week goes on were here later and later at night. We all kind of pitch in and bring lunches and stuff for people to make lunches and dinners so we don’t have to leave. We can make it and keep on going,” says Maxwell.

Although it is a busy week for this flower shop, their employees assured us that every arrangement is made with love.

“When people leave here they're happy or when you leave the flowers at their house they're happy and that’s just a nice feeling to know you're contributing to that,” says designer Lisa Hurd.

If you haven’t got that gift for your special someone its not too late to put in your order for Valentine's Day yet and don’t forget to show yourself some extra love this holiday.

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