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Parkers Crossroad Honor Guard respect and honor fallen soldiers

Each week a group of veterans gather to pay honor and respect to other veterans and their families. And they’re doing it by making sure their practice makes perfect.

Right off of interstate 40 East, a room full of veterans are training.

Because their service never ends.

“There’s a lot of military families that are not getting the full military honors", says Honor Guard member, Don Johnson.

They train each week to learn and perfect veteran funeral services, POW MIA table ceremonies, and more.

“We as the veterans honor guard we will forward the volleys and try to give them full military honors whether they have served 20 years or have served 2 years", says Johnson.

They practice over and over and over until...

“What we try to provide is a function that is as near perfect as we possibly can", says Honor Guard member Dr. Spurgeon J. Smith.

But if they do make a mistake...

Smith adds, "If we make a mistake we will do it again.”

The time they spend training and honoring the fallen soldiers and their families is volunteer.

And all their services are free for the those families.

“So, it is about the soldiers and the sacrifices they made", says Johnson.

The Parkers Crossroads Honor Guard will be presenting next week at Ripley High School. In Parkers Crossroad, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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