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Jackson resident dedicates his retirement to giving back

One man here in Jackson has dedicated all of his time to giving back to the community and volunteering at Area Relief Ministries.

At 80 years old Harbert Alexander, the former president of the Bank of Jackson, and current county historian has decided to dedicate his retirement to giving back.

“I think i'm busier than I was in the 40 years or so I was a bank president,” says Alexander.

Nowadays, Alexander is the spokesperson for Area Relief Ministries room at the inn which serves meals and provides a warm place to sleep for homeless men and he is the chairman for Are Relief Ministries fundraising campaign.

These are things Alexander feels the need to do for the city and the people who raised him.

“If you see someone on the side of the road which I do every day you reach a point where you're retired and say I don’t have to worry about them anymore, you cant do that,” says Alexander.

For others, Alexander dedicating his retirement to giving back to others is an inspiration.

“If I retire i'm just going to be like him i'm going to retire he and Nora are somewhere every day doing something for someone else that’s just what they do,” says ARM executive director Michael Roby.

If anyone is interested in joining Alexander, they can contact area relief ministries at 731-423-9257.

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