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A new bill may allow students to carry a gun on campus

In 2016 a bill was approved to allow full time employees at public colleges and universities in Tennessee to carry weapons on campus. Now, it might be the same for students.

Representative Rush Bricken and senator Janice Bowling introduced a bill in the House and the Senate that would allow students to carry a concealed handgun on campus at public colleges and universities.

“It’s kind of scary", says student Christian Webb.

“No. That would be hugely dangerous", says student Larry Teague.

After talking with dozens of students, many had the same concerns.

Teague adds, “If people are allowed to bring guns on campus you are strictly worried about how they are going to use them and that means you would be worried for your safety. This is a place of learning, so you wouldn’t be able to focus.”

But some thought it may be a good idea, with rules.

“Which I don’t think it is a bad idea, but like I said we should have rules and regulations if we do carry guns to school so", says Webb.

One student said just the thought of it makes her feel uncomfortable.

“Students being able to have access to just pull a trigger. That puts me in a very uncomfortable situation", says student Sherreda Peggs.

Safety was a driving factor in the proposal, but students also offered other options to keep themselves safe.

“For people to bring something like self defense like pepper spray, mace, or a taser. A taser is fine, now something that can launch projectile, no", says Teague.

The bill is still being introduced, but if passed it will be among only a dozen other states that allow students to carry on campus. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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