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Speedway employees recognized for going above and beyond

I'm at Speedway gas station off Christmasville Road where two employees thought they were coming in to a normal day at work but instead they left heroes, and today they're being honored.

Madison County Fire Chief Eric Turner presented Raceway employees Alisiya Deschaine and Sierra Voris with a certificate and a challenge coin that he says they award to those who go above and beyond.

That’s exactly what they did when one of their regular customers, Daryl Garland, had a varicose vein rupture in his foot.

“We grabbed a chair, sat him down and put his leg up that way the blood wouldn’t keep rushing and I held paper towels to it because that’s all we had at the time. She went ahead and called 911, we waited for the ambulance and we talked to Daryl and kept him attentive,” say Deschaine and Voris.

They also took Garland’s truck and two great danes back to his house.

Garland says he can’t thank them enough for helping him through this emergency situation.

“I got 2 more granddaughters, they're family now,” says Garland.

Deschaine and Voris say they take the time to get to know all their customers, and they wouldn’t hesitate to do this for anyone else.

“I knew that he was on blood thinners because of having varicose veins and with him bleeding as much as he was I knew it was important to call 911 as quick as we did,” say Deschaine and Voris.

Chief Turner says people like them make their job a whole lot easier.

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