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Made in Tennessee: Total Fitness Kickboxing

With a pair of gloves and some punching bags a gym here in Jackson has transformed the way people think about working out. They like to think of it as just having fun.

“As kids you didn’t go outside to workout in the sandbox or workout on the swing set, you went out to play on the swing set and playground so that’s how we like to envision this it’s a big sandbox and we just come out to play,” says manager Jake Ingle.

500 people in Jackson come to Total Fitness Kickboxing to have fun, and the results they see are just a bonus.

“She used to not be able to do jumping jacks now she can do jumping jacks and seeing that is just awesome,” says Ingle.

Carla Jones has been a member at TFK since they first opened almost three years ago.

Every day she walks in and welcomes a new face as she sees TFK’s mission of inclusivity.

“It doesn't matter if you're fit, not fit, you are welcome," says Jones.

Total Fitness Kickboxing started in Memphis, and made its way Jackson shortly after.

Now, they can be found all over Tennessee and even in Texas and Colorado.

But their growth doesn’t stop there…

“The vision doesn’t stop with these three states were in and changing lives there the vision is to go worldwide and impact lives there,” says Ingle.

Total Fitness Kickboxing, made in Tennessee!

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