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North Parkway middle school students celebrate

National school choice week started in 2011 giving students a time to celebrate their choice in education. And these students behind me are ready to get the celebration started.

The North Parkway middle school gym was filled with dancing, singing, and a lot of panther pride.

Allaysia watkins – 8th grade

“I am very proud of North Parkway", says eighth grader, Allayasia Watkins.

All week students celebrated the education they receive at North Parkway.

Watkins adds,“The academics have been rising and I’m like really proud and I’m like wow that’s my school. I go there.”

But they also gave teachers and administration ideas on how it could be better.

“Most students are scared to come out to their teachers saying I really want this to happen and they are scared. This week is something important to the students to just express how they feel", says sixth grader Simone Trice.

The students ended the week by hosting a question and answer session with the principals on different topics like having a 8th grade prom, using their cell phones, and wearing name badges instead of a dress code.

“Some students don’t have a brave enough voice to do, so I feel like this week gives them an environment to do it", says Trice.

The administration talked with the students about the concerns and said that some of those ideas students might see in the near future.

Students at North Parkway middle school left today feeling like their voice made a difference. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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