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A new bill could raise the pay for servers

After the introduction of a new bill servers are feeling optimistic about the amount of money they may be able to take home.

Senate bill 1851 was introduced and proposed Friday by Senator Raumesh Akbari to increase the minimum hourly wage for an employee who receives tips from $2.13 plus tips to $7.25 plus tips.

Waitress at Asia Garden, Sydney Sisk, says, “I’m a people person, I thrive in a job like this, but life could be a little bit better outside if there was a little bit more pay."

Sydney Sisk has been serving for almost a year and was happy to hear about the bill

But she was more excited to think about being able to give her child proper care.

“We depend on tips to basically pay majority of our bills and i know that includes child care", says Sisk.

The new bill will almost triple what tipped employees are making right now, which could also affect businesses.

Local business owner, Eddie Yeh, says that he wants more for his employees.

“They’re the face of our restaurant really.”

But he also wants more information.

“Number one I hope this legislation gets put through but number two I hope they’re smart about how they implement it, because businesses need time to adjust to these type of changes", says Yeh.

The bill has passed its first and second considerations and was referred to the Commerce and Labor Committee. In Jackson, for 39 News. I’m Imani Williams.

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