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Made in Tennessee: LD2 Market Shoppes

A couple of business owners are sharing their concept of shopping and they’re bringing local businesses together while doing it.

“We provide the space, they provide the product and we market it sale it", says LD2 Market Shoppes owner, Leah Daniel.

Leah and Lesley Daniel opened LD2 Market Shoppes late last year.

With the goal to help other businesses get their brand to more customers.

Daniel says, “But this just provides them with more people you know, just reaching more people and it’s just an outlet to get there name out there.”

They sell booths to different business owners and then the owners can sale and showcase their items.

Right now the store has two floors of vendors and they are working on opening a third floor, but they are proud that each vendor brings something different to the store.

“You know I might have 10 booths in here selling clothes, but they all have a unique style", adds Daniel.

From clothes, to candles, to handmade art they have a lot of different products under one roof, all from local businesses.

Daniel says that having a store is very expensive and the marketshop gives businesses a storefront without the price tag.

“But I do think it’s important for anyone to do what they love and without having that overhead cost", says Daniel.

Daniel says that she remembers the scary feeling of starting her own business, but everyone should have the chance to put their talent on display.

Daniel explains, “everybody has a passion, everybody has a hobby. Like put it out there, um and that’s what we are here to help people do.”

The owners hope to continue bringing more local businesses right here in one place. In Jackson, for 39 news, I’m Imani Williams.

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