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Local man steps out on faith for his dream

After years of performing in front of family, friends, and the Milan community one local man decided to take his talents to the music city.

Jacob Landers began his career in music as a little boy.

His entire family has roots in playing instruments and singing.

“My family on my dad’s side they all play an instrument. My grandfather had 13 brothers and sisters so they all play and guitar so I picked it up from there", says musician Jacob Landers.

Landers listened to all types of music growing up.

“R and B, soul, jazz, rock, country, so when I was young that’s what I heard in the car.”

And each genre gave him a piece of inspiration to his music today.

Landers plays the guitar, piana, trumpet, and drums and most of the instruments he taught himself how to play.

Landers says, "the way I see it, if I can touch somebody with my music, then you know I’ve done my job.”

Jacob plays at many festivals, events, and in the local coffee shop in Milan he says that playing for those around him is one thing he always looks forward to.

“To play music around here and have people I grew up with enjoy it and have people that are in the community enjoy it, it’s great I love it", says Landers.

Landers recently traveled to nashville for the voice and although he did not make it to the next level, he says it was a great experience and he will definitely be back to try again.

“But don’t give up, if you love it, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Landers says he hopes to continue sharing his talent with his community. In Milan, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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