A soldier surprises his daughter for her big day

A nervous dad...

And an unaware birthday girl…

Met face to face after 10 months of being apart.

“My daughter didn’t want to have her birthday party until I got home, but luckily she planned this party for just my wife and sisters and the kids", says Specialist Michael Santiago.

Specialist Michael Santiago has been in Poland serving in the military and this year he thought he was going to miss his daughter, Marilynn's birthday for the first time.

He was scheduled to come home in mid February almost a month after Marilynn's birthday.

Santiago says, “So, I’ve been able to be home and when she found out I wasn’t going to be home this time she was really devastated.”

But when he found out things changed. He wanted to make a big entrance for the birthday girl.

After taking her first birthday picture of the night she received her first gift.

Marilynn Santiago says she was,“so excited”.

Marilynn was able to continue the tradition on spending her birthday with her dad.

“I’m glad it is over with, i was back there my heart was racing. I was like shaking nervous" says Santiago.

After the surprise the only person marilynn was concerned about was…

“My daddy”, says Marilynn.

And her dad has one more thing to stay to her…

“Happy birthday Marilynn. I love you.”

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