Business owners are working together to combat the opioid crisis

As the use of opioids rise, employers are seeing the effects.

Now with the launch of a new tool kit businesses hope they can help their employees on the road to recovery.

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce launched their new toolkit to help business owners deal with opioid issues in their workforce.

The tool kits gives resources on how to identify a problem and how to help in finding a solution.

“Number one, it starts the conversation. Like what do we do?"

Jason Pritchard dealt with opioid issues throughout his life.

But now he is helping others who are in the position he was in.

“I can also relate to person that’s been hooked, been using and so to be able to be involved with them, kinda give a voice to their side", says Pritchard.

Employers see the effects of the opioid crisis in the retention and presence of their employees.

One business owner said the toolkit gives her more drive to help.

Owner of West Alley Bbq, Katie Y. Brantly says,“And I’ve been trying to talk to them and this will really give me more energy to go back cause i’m always wanting to help.”

And she is going to do whatever she can to help be a solution.

“Because it just energized me to want to help and I’m going to do whatever I can", says Brantley.

Pritchard says that the tool kit will start a chain reaction of resources.

But he still has advice for those struggling to ask for help.

“There are people that care, there are people that want to help and you don’t have to live this way anymore. Like there is hope", says Pritchard.

For more information about the tool kit visit the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce’s website. In Jackson, for 39 News I’m Imani Williams.

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