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University of Memphis at Lambuth nursing students get tech

The University of Memphis at Lambuth introduced continues to add new technology to give nursing students real world experience.

Today the nursing program at the University of Memphis Lambuth campus introduced a birthing simulator to nursing students.

Once the students put on the glasses, the simulator will give them the tools to participate in a delivery process. They will see the effects of their decisions, and what is going on while a mother is having a baby.

This opportunity gives the students hands on experience before they go into the workforce.

"Our aim with this simulator is to give students the experience of how to manage a normal delivery but also how to manage those things like a shoulder dystocia and breech birth that do occur", says Assistant Dean of Nursing, Christie Manasco.

U of M Lambuth says they are the only nursing program in West Tennessee with this simulator and they hope this will help better serve their students.

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