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Lane College announces new head football coach

Now although the lockers are empty and there are no players or equipment in the locker room the lane college dragons are already gearing up for this upcoming season. And they are starting with a familiar face.

Next level.

"Um the vision for the program is next level."

That’s what the new head coach for lane college football, Vyron Brown, says he sees in his team.

Brown is entering his third season with the Dragons and now his first as head coach.

The solid foundation was built now he plans to take it up notch.

“So, we’re taking that foundation that was already put in place and we’re building on it", says Brown.

Brown has over 15 years of coaching experience and he says one thing he always reminds his players is that the books always come first.

Brown says, “well that’s the ultimate goal, that’s the number one thing we talk about is education first, you’re a student first and an athlete second.”

And after the books he says the next important thing is team work. Brown says the way the team works together off the field shows on the field.

“Well having a team bond is number one. If i trust you and you trust me, I’ll fight a little bit harder for you and you’ll do the same for me."

The Dragons are still finalizing the schedule for this season. In Jackson, for 39 News, I’m Imani Williams.

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