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East Jackson residents speak out to Mayor Conger

Community members in East Jackson came together to speak with Mayor Conger on issues they see as soon as they walk out of their front door.

The Chester Area Neighborhood Association met with Mayor Conger to talk about issues in their neighborhood.

Blithe homes, smelly fumes, and piles of plastic and cardboard were all on the agenda.

“That causes health problems environmentally", says Pastor of Greater New Bethel AME Church, Sabrina DeBerry Transou.

People spoke about how all of the issues could lead to environmental problems in their neighborhoods and one woman at the meeting said one issue hit close to home.

Resident in the neighborhood, Elizabeth Northern says,“Terrible, it’s like somebody through dirt in my face.”

Elizabeth Northern has lived on Wisteria street for over 20 years.

The piles of cardboard and plastic are directly across from her home and she wants them taken care of.

“That’s what they need to do, take care of this. We take care of them so why can’t they take care of us, ya know what I mean", says Northern.

The piles are covered up with a tarp, but northern says that does not help the smell...

or the sight.

Northern adds,“No, because look at it, the wind blew that up.”

She has even considered leaving the area.

“And if I could afford it I would buy me a another house, but I can’t afford it.”

Community members say they are hopeful, but they are ready to see changes. In East Jackson, for 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.

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