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Local restaurants learn food safety

Local restaurants like Mama Baudo’s spent the morning getting educated on how to keep their kitchens a little cleaner and their customers a little safer.

“I learned a lot here today,” says Theron Cox.

The Jackson Madison County Regional Health Department held a food safety training class for the community.

The class is not mandatory for restaurants but some like Mama Baudo’s do require all their employees to get certified.

“I learned how to store everything on the shelves, what temperatures to keep the food things like that. It’s a really good class to go to and I learned a lot,” says Cox.

The class consisted of everything that takes place inside and outside of the kitchen.

“Good hand washing, coming to work without being sick, we want to have good cook temps, we want to have good cold and hot holding temperatures," says Candy Overstreet.

Those who attended the class say they do it to keep their customers safe.

“They probably feel safe and comfortable to be there because everybody is aware of food safety which is the most important thing in the kitchen," says Cox.

You can go online and view the ratings of your favorite restaurant anywhere in the state at

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