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Made in Tennessee: Londa's Sunroom Sewing Studio

Many people turn their hobbies into their careers. And that’s what one Jackson woman has done right here in her sunroom.

Buzzing from the sewing machine fills the sun room in Londa Rohfling's home.

“I decided to do sewing that’s something I want to experiment with and something that has become apart of my life a little", says sewing student, Sophie Fuller.

Rohfling learned sewing at a young age, but only because she wanted to have a lot of clothes to pick from as a teenager.

Rohfling says, “When I started to learn to sew it was because my mother put me on a clothing allowance and only by sewing could I have as many clothes as I thought I needed at the time.”

After moving to Jackson, she knew she wanted to start a sewing school to share her passion.

She teaches students everyday starting at age six and up.

Fuller adds, “Thanks to this it’s taught me look at the little things more of what seeing what fits me better instead of just grabbing something and saying that’s going to be fine.”

Sophie Fuller is on year two of taking classes in the sunroom. She has made shirts, scarves, and is now working on a skirt.

Fuller says the classes are a huge benefit since she is petite.

“It has made my confidence skyrocket make me feel so much better, instead of being more cautious", says Fuller.

Londa’s Sunroom Sewing Studio made in Tennessee.

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