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Family confirms remains found belong to Aaron Young

In late september Aaron Young left home to take his normal walk here in North Park, but after hours of being gone he never returned home.

“We played sports recreational baseball and soccer together", says Anthony Young, Aaron's twin brother.

Aaron Young lived in Jackson his entire life spending time learning about cars, working, and taking walks in the park.

Anthony says, “he loved talking about cars. If he had a car he liked, he learned everything about that car and he could say them quicker that Serra Chevrolet could.”

His twin brother Anthony Young says that being twins they had a lot in common, but one similarity that stood out was their walks in the park.

Anthony explained how he knew his mother did not think twice when Aaron went out for a walk in September.

“I'll go to the park on a nice day and i’ll walk it and listen to music. That’s something me and him shared", says Anthony.

After three months of searching areas near North Park.

On Christmas Day, the Jackson Police Department announced human bones found in a creek on Oil Well Road.

Anthony says those remains belong to his brother.

Although the outcome was not what he expected, he wants to say thank you.

“I just want to tell them thank you very much. Um this was a difficult time for all of us but having the support from family and friends certainly did help.”

No updates have been given on the cause of death. In North Jackson, for 39 News, I'm Imani Williams.


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