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Jackson student is mayor for a day

If you go into city hall today and ask for the Mayor, you won't get who you're expecting.Today, Taeshon Curry sat in the mayors desk.

During shop with a cop last month, 10 year old Taeshon Curry took his 200 dollars and instead of buying things for himself he bought things to donate to the homeless community.

Because of his kindness and public service, Jackson city Mayor Scott Conger invited Curry to be mayor for the day.

“I did something for the homeless and god blessed me to be here,” says Curry.

Curry got to eat breakfast with Mayor Conger, get a tour of city hall and learn what goes on in city government.

When asked what his first action as mayor would be, this is what curry said, “To feed the homeless and give them shelter to live under so they cant get sick."

Curry wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the day. Mayor conger also enjoyed sharing the mayor's desk.

“He's an ideal person to have here today and i'm honored and excited to have him here,” says Mayor Conger.

Sabrina Anderson, executive director for the boys and girls club was there to see one of her students receiving some good karma and she couldn't have been more proud.

“It made me very proud to know that we can have a club member representing the boys and girls club and representing our city. To see a young person striving to be something positive and be a light to the future,” says Anderson.

Anderson says she hopes all the other kids in the community are inspired by Curry’s actions.

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